F7S-M Professional Diagnostic

Professional Motorcycle Scan Tool

FCAR F7S M is a professional Diagnostic tablet Platform for Motorcycle

FCAR F7S M is a professional diagnostic tablet platform for motorcycle, which supports many brands like BMW, Euro4, Honda, Kawa, KTM, Kymco, Suzuki,Yamada etc. F7S M provides various functions including Read Fault Code,Erase Fault Code, Read Data Stream, Read ECU Information, Special Function and so on. With powerful hardware and advanced software, F7S M is one of the best motorcycle scan tools in the market for workshops, training institutions, manufacturers, mechanics and even for personal use.

C8-M |Scan Tool Diagnostic Platform for Motorcycle


C8 M | Most Trustworthy Scan Tool Diagnostic Platform for Motorcycle

FCAR C8 M is the latest diagnostic platform developed for motorcycle. With

various connecting cables, C8 M supports diagnosis for Yamaha, Suzuki,

Honda, Kawasaki, Kymco, and Euro 4. The friendly UI and powerful system

provide many functions like Read/Clear Fault Code, Actuation Test, CO

Adjustment, Front Brake Bleeding, ISC RPM Control. The diagnostic tablet

comes with much smaller size and more powerful specifications, delivering

better user experience and smoother daily operation. C8 M is one of the most

advanced and trustworthy motorcycle scan tools.